Recreational Pilot Licence

The RPL is the most basic flying licence available from CASA. It is for recreational flying only and can not be used to work as a professional pilot. The RPL training and logged aeronautical experienced can, in most circumstances, be fully credited toward the PPL Programme.

Please note that whilst the logged aeronautical experienced gained in this programme may be recognised outside Australia, the Australian Recreational Pilot Licence may not be recognised or converted directly to another licence outside Australia.

There is no student visa for this programme though international visitors are welcome to join on an alternative visa provided they meet other entry requirements.

Full time, the RPL takes approximately 3 months.

Course Inclusions

  • Effects of Controls & Straight & Level
  • Climbing & Descending and turning
  • Basic Handling
  • General Flying / consolidation / Intro Circuits
  • Dual Circuit Training / Consolidation
  • Dual Circuit CHECK
  • First Solo
  • Solo Circuit Consolidation
  • Turns, Compass & Steep, SFTOL
  • Forced Landings Without power
  • Area solo CHECK
  • First Area Solo
  • Area solo consolidation
  • Precautionary search and landing
  • RPL Pre-Test
  • Flight Test – RPL


  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK)
  • RPL Theory

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