Accommodation Options

Brisbane has hosted international students for many years and enjoys a mature, broad range of accommodation options for international students. The Academy International Office is able to assist students by introducing homestay and other accommodation options.


‘Homestay’ is when you live with an Australian family in their home. The homestay family provides you with meals, laundry facilities and your own room with a study desk and usually include water, gas and electricity. You are usually expected to assist with some household chores and cleaning of your own areas within the house.. Homestays provide an excellent opportunity to practise your English every day at home.

Living with a local family, couple or single person can be a good way to familiarise yourself with your new environment and make local friends. Australia is a very multi-cultural society so a homestay hosts may be from a variety of national backgrounds.

Costs for full board homestays are approximately $240 – $280 per week. Some hosts may charge an application fee equal to one week board. Usually you would be expected to stay at least 4 weeks but the term is usually negotiated between yourself and the house owner.

Following are two examples of popular homestay organisations you can contact if you are seeking homestay accommodation.

  • AHN – Australian Homestay Network: The Australian Homestay Network community has access to full management support including a local supervisor during business hours and a 24/7 assistance line for emergencies that may happen after hours and at weekends.
  • ISCA: ISCA is an accommodation organisation used by TAFE.
Other Accommodation Options

Other Student Accommodation Options include serviced and shared apartments, student apartments and share-houses. Here are some useful links:

Request Accommodation Assistance

The Academy offers support and guidance in making accommodation arrangements so if you have any questions, simply email the international office at Please note that we are only able to offer support to students who have accepted an offer to join a course at the Academy.

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